Security updates & rate limiting

Jul 1st 2024
Written by Circa

Since we launched, we've had a ton of traffic, which is to be expected with the hype around the App Store launch and whatnot. Lots of artists have submitted their skins here and shared them around for people to download from That is awesome, and keep doing that!

However, to be 100% certain download counts are as accurate as possible, I've implemented some rate limiting to the download process to avoid the chance of someone trying to game the system by using bots of any kind to inflate their download numbers. That's not cool, and goes against our rules, for obvious reasons. The fact that I have to have a rule for that among artists is a little crazy to me.

In addition, the website is now backed by CloudFlare's rate limiting, DDoS protection, and advanced caching so going forward, bad actors should have a tougher time taking advantage of this service that I provide for the community for free.

Be sure to reach out in the Discord thread if you notice anything wrong with the new setup. Right now I have it set quite strict, but may loosen it up over time. You may also have noticed some downtime during these updates. Sorry about that.

I'm not calling out any names in particular this time, but going forward if any accounts are suspected beyond reasonable doubt to be botting their download counts, your files will be removed and your account banned.

Be better. We're all just here to share our creations as equals. Let your designs and skills speak for themselves, rather than cheating the system.



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