Open to testers

Apr 26th 2024
Written by Circa

Welcome! This is a news post that serves two purposes: to test the news feature, and to make sure any visitors know what is going on. We are currently under a soft launch with a handful of creators submitting their skins and provide feedback about the site.

If you are wondering what this site is all about, it is essentially built to be a host for user-submitted skins for the retro game emulator iOS app called Delta. There has been a struggle to get a one-stop-shop for skins that makes it easy to submit to, browse, and search.

If you have skins you'd like to submit, please take a look at the guide here. It is quite simple, but I explained all of the steps and form boxes in that guide.

Reach out on socials if you run into a problem, as we currently do not have a messaging system. My username on Discord is and am in the Delta/AltStore Discord.

We are on X/Twitter, Mastodon, and BlueSky as well.



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