Don't be a jerk

Do not insult others, make personal attacks or hateful posts, or intentionally instigate arguments.

This includes accepting newcomers who are looking for help. Instead of heavily criticizing and telling them to do it themselves, point them in the right direction and be helpful.

Don't post illegal or harmful content

In order to protect our visitors legally, we cannot allow content that is either illegal or harmful. Some examples of content we cannot allow include:

  • Links to rom sharing or torrent sites or otherwise illegal software
  • Links to DDoS attacks, browser crashes, malware, or otherwise harmful websites
  • Pornography of any kind

Don't be obscene

DeltaStyles is not necessarily family-friendly, and we have nothing against the use of expletives here and there. If you want to throw a stray 'fuck' into your comment, go for it. That said, there is a difference between being off-color and being obscene. Please try not to be overly obscene or insulting. We are not interested in knowing your favorite sex position, or your porn collection.

We encourage our users to behave in a non-offensive manner where possible.

Don't spam excessively

Please try to avoid excessive spam in the comments. Keeping off-topic comments to a minimum will allow us to keep a reasonable ratio of high quality comments versus low quality ones.

Likewise, the use of scripts to download files without prior staff knowledge is expressly prohibited. Increasing or artificially inflating your own download counts either manually or by use of bots intentionally is also prohibited.

English recommended

This is an English-speaking website run by English-speakers. If you can not type your text in English, please use Google Translate.

One account per person

You only need one account on this site. If you are discovered to be the owner of more than one account, you will be notified and the remaining accounts will be deleted. This goes for banned accounts too. We banned you for a reason, so please accept your punishment.

Unverified user accounts

If you signed up for an account, you must verify via your email. Look for the verification email in your inbox or spam/junk folders. Simply click the link to verify your account. Any account not verified within 30 days is subject to be deleted. If you have trouble with verification, reach out via our contact form or Discord.

Staff have the final say
Users are welcome and encouraged to question staff decisions if they feel these decisions are incorrect. That said, please understand that our staff has the final say when it comes to moderating skin submissions and comments, and enforcing our rules. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content on our website for any reason we deem necessary.

Please remember the staff is also human, and just trying to run this forum in the best possible way. 

Contacting us

If you'd like to contact us for any reason, please visit our contact page.

Skin Submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting your file to DeltaStyles, please make sure you read all of the text below before submitting your file as this will improve the chances of your file being approved by one of the staff.

Submitting a skin

When you submit your Delta skin, you are aware that you take full responsibility for the content you upload and any files you outsource must have permission granted to you from the authors who created the content originally. We do not allow stealing of content here. You'll find that most people are cool with you using their content as long as they get credit for their work that you used.

You must have an account to submit a skin. You can sign up here. After which you will have a drop down menu on your name in the top right of the website, which will have a link to "Submit a skin" which takes you to a form.

Read the text on each form item to help understand what it all means and is asking for. Not all boxes are required.

File types

We only allow .deltaskin file types to be uploaded, to reduce confusion and effort for the user downloading them. Please upload your skins directly, no zip or rar files.

Credit comment lines

We recommend including a line in your .JSON files that include your name and where to reach you and a version number if applicable. This isn't required, but helps with finding who made a skin, the version that it is, and where to find you on socials and whatnot.

Here's an example:

  "name" : "Circa Minimal Redux GBA",
  "identifier" : "com.circa.minimalredux",
  "_comment" : "Made by Brad Linder (Circa) •",
  "gameTypeIdentifier" : "",
  "debug" : false,
  "representations" : {

The "_comment" line lets you insert anything you'd like and has no effect on the skin itself. Keep in mind we will be looking at these before approving files, so rules above apply to these lines. No obsceneities or vulgar text allowed here either.

How do I submit a file?

Please zip all your files, go to our Files area and click Submit File. Alternatively you can click here.

I want to host my file on my cloud

If your file is already hosted on your Google Drive or Mega account or other cloud service, you can simply paste that link into the download link box, however we recommend uploading directly just in case something happens to your cloud account, you leave the community, and we have no way of getting those back. We generally end up uploading them directly for you anyway.

I submitted my skin x days ago, why isn't it approved?

The staff have real lives outside of this website and community. Chances are, you submitted it a couple days ago. Be patient. We will get to it. There is a process we go through for every file, and it's more thorough than merely clicking a button.

Submitting a file that you DID NOT create

If you submit a skin that is not yours, you must have made an effort to ask permission. Find the author on social media somewhere, and wait a few days to allow them to see it and respond. If 14 days have passed and no response, you may upload the skin yourself but you MUST say who the original author is in the description box and the credit box. We will most likely assign the skin page to a generic account until the author comes along to claim it with their own account.

My/Our content was uploaded to DeltaStyles without my permission

If we receive a report that a skin contains content that has been uploaded without the original authors permission then it will no longer be accessible from our website. Evidence that you are the author must be provided to ensure false reports do not cause innocent files to be taken down. Please be aware that whilst we do take time to check files, we cannot verify for sure who is the owner of every file included in the upload and that the responsibility for checking these files for any unauthorized content belongs to the uploader and not the staff.

Removal procedure

  • Three options: Use the report button on the page in question, post in the thread on Discord, or via email with this form.
  • Provide us with a link to the skin(s) in question if not using the report button.
  • Provide us as much information as you can about the situation including evidence that you are the owner of the skin in question.
  • Once a staff member receives the request, they will hide the skin page in question and contact the uploader of your skin. The uploader will have 14 days to respond to your request and counter your claim. If this cannot be done then it will remain removed from our website permanently.
  • The author always has full rights over their content, so even if the uploader did receive permission from yourself then you may still have it removed from our Skins section.


Rules may be modified, removed, and/or added over time. To see the most up-to-date rules, always check this page.