New logo, messages, bug fixes

May 18th 2024
Written by Circa

In case you missed it, this week Riley and the gang were asked by Adobe to change their logo for Delta due to the similarities with their own logo. Apparently Adobe thinks they have the trademark for a delta symbol Δ but to be fair to them, it does look strikingly similar, so fair enough to them. In the meantime Delta has a new logo that I hope is temporary.

With that said, I went ahead and whipped up a new logo for us as well! Not the most elegant, but I'm pleased with it!

Messages (sort of)

In other news, I have also implemented a very simple messaging system for the site. This should be simple way for staff to reach out to people if there's an issue with a skin but the author can't be reached on Discord or a user needs to reach me or other staff.

Lots of bug fixes

I'm still working my way through fixing various issues that I find and that others have reported to me. Keep letting me know what you find! As far as feature requests go, I'm going to be honest with y'all and say most feature requests won't happen. My intention with this site was to keep it as simple as possible while also having the essential features in place, and I think we're at that point. If a request comes along that I find feasible I will do my best, but I won't promise anything going forward.

Thanks to a very successful launch month, things are going well!




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