How to submit a skin

Apr 25th 2024
Written by Circa

We aim to make submitting a skin to DeltaStyles as easy as possible, while also making sure all info that someone may want to provide or look for is available.

Create an account

An account is required to submit a skin. All new accounts must provide a username, email and password, with a bio and avatar being optional. All accounts must be verified via email before being able to submit a skin. Check your spam folders if it didn't come through your inbox.

Sign up here

Fill out form

After your account was verified via email, you can now submit your skin. There will always be a link to submit a skin in the dropdown when hovering over your username in the top right of the site.

Submit a skin

This will bring you to the Submit a Skin form. Be sure to read the text at each box, they explain important things about each. Not all are required.

One thing to keep in mind is the upload button at the top needs to be clicked before submitting the form. It will drop the download link into the box below it. You can add multiple files, say for mutliple color options of a skin. Just click the add link button, then upload the next file and it should drop the link in the next box.


Next, be sure to select the correct system/console your skin is for. Do not mix console skins on one page, for the sake of sorting. Multiple downloads on one page should only be for color variations or similar.


For tags, select the ones that your skin supports:

Standard Screens: iPhones that still have a home button or Touch ID. e.g. iPhone SE1-3, iPhone 8 or older.
Edge to Edge Screens: iPhones that have a notch or Dynamic Island, no home button. e.g. iPhone X or newer.
iPad Support: supports iPad screens (as of now, iPads are only supported on the beta via Patreon)


The name of the skin. We recommend including the system acronym in the title if you have a version of it on every system, just for the sake of clarity for users, but that is optional. This name can be whatever you want, as long as it follows our rules of posted content.


This can be whatever you want it to say, just nothing offensive according to our rules. If you have any backstory or clarification on any features or anything, put them here.


If this is your first release, we recommend just leaving this blank. If this is a second or third or more revision, we recommend finding a versioning format and sticking with it so your users know what they have and what is current. Typically the accepted versioning format is 1.x.y where 1 is the major version, x is a feature update, and y is a minor bug fix or alteration. So if you submit a skin and notice a button needs to move position slightly but otherwise everything is the same, it would be 1.0.1. However this isn't enforced and you can call it 1.1 or 2.0 if you wanted to, as long as your next update is 1.2 or 3.0.


This is to explain any changes you made in the current version. For new submissions this will probably be blank like the version box will, but when you go to edit the page for a new update, use this to say what changed. We recommend bullet points. If you update a lot, we recommend copying your previous changelog and pasting it in, then add the new version's changes on top. Changelogs are not kept after updating, so be sure to do that if you want previous ones to show. Example:

Version 1.2
- made a change
- made other changes

Version 1.1
- changed stuff

Version 1.0
- release

External Credits

If you used any content made by anyone else, please state that person/entity here. Taking credit for work you did not create is scummy and won't be tolerated. The very least you can do is give credit, and we always recommend reaching out to that creator first to ask permission.

Original Release Date

If your skin was released before submitting it here, you can specify that date here. This is optional. No need to put today's date, the form will already have that in the release date. This is for skins that are older but haven't yet been submitted here.


This is for you to specify how you will allow your content to be used by other creators. Some people don't want their content used in any way other than in the app itself, and others don't care if someone uses their work, as long as they are credited. Be sure to pick the one that people need to know about your work.


Only 6 screenshots are allowed for each skin page. Formats allowed are JPG, PNG, GIF, and WEBP. The form will create square thumbnails to show around the site, and it takes directly from the center. If you want to make sure your thumbnail looks the best it can, we recommend creating a specific square image for the first uploaded screenshot. When you go into the skin page itself and click on the images, they will show in full resolution with no cropping.

If you want to delete screenshots, be sure to do that first before other edits on the page, as it currently refreshes the page at each delete. Just keep in mind the first one uploaded will be the thumbnail shown in other pages of the site.

Terms Agreement

Click the checkbox to agree to the terms, so we know you were at least informed of the rules. Not reading them could result in a skin submission that breaks said rules, resulting in the page being deleted.

Approval process

Once your skin is submitted, our staff will need to approve it before it is public. This usually takes up to a couple days depending on how busy everyone is. Remember that all staff are volunteers and do this in their free time. If your skin isn't approved immediately, be patient. If it has been a week and still not approved, ping a staff member on the Discord.


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