WiiUDS Black - New skin release for NDS




All new WiiUDS Black skin for NDS.

Supports all iOS devices across edge-to-edge, standard phones and iPad.

(As of 13/07/24, WiiUDS is incompatible with the latest update of Delta v1.6 on iPad. Revised iPad skins will be released in the coming weeks. If you have the older version of Delta on your iPad, the skin will continue to function until the app is updated.)


  • Reversible top and bottom screens

  • Simultaneous thumbstick and D-Pad input

  • Minor improvements to button mapping and overall skin design


The skins are named according to the following naming conventions:

  • TS: Top Screen
  • TS Standard: Top Screen for SE and iPad
  • BS: Bottom Screen
  • BS Standard: Bottom Screen for SE and iPad



  • 01/07/24 - Increased button map size.


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