Atomic NDS1.2




A translucent purple NDS skin for Delta!
I wanted a design that reminded me of classic Nintendo handhelds with see-through plastic (like the Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance) that revealed all the internal hardware. I've incorporated an iPhone teardown photo as the background, layered with lots of plastic-like textures, highlights, and shadows to get that translucent effect.
Two versions:
  • Standard version with a larger top screen
  • Alternate version with equal screen sizes
For now, it only works with edge-to-edge iPhones in portrait mode. For the latest iPhones, the dynamic island should be hidden.

Updated: Tap and hold on the top screen to Fast Forward.

iPhone Teardown Internals Wallpaper by iFixit, is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0


1.2 - Added Fast Forward

1.1 - Added alternate version with equal screen sizes

1.0 - Initial Release


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