I wanted to share my latest project: a fun and colorful skin for the Nintendo64! It’s designed to highlight the main joystick and essential B and A buttons, while also including smaller secondary controls for games that need them.


  • A compact D-Pad for precision
  • A Gamecube-like C-Stick for smooth camera controls
  • Switch to the classic C-Button diamond layout if that’s your style

Available Layouts:

  • Portrait and Landscape for the latest iPhones
  • Portrait for older iPhones with Home buttons
  • Handy QuickLoad and QuickSave buttons

Give the C-Stick or C-Button variant a try and see what fits your play style best!

(Just added: An experimental dark mode C-Stick version for edge-to-edge landscape mode iPhones)


1.1.1 - Fixed minor issues
1.1.0 - Experimental dark skin
1.0.0 - Initial Release


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