Joined: 2024-05-06

Hello there! I'm starvingartist. I like making video game related art.



You can also find me on DeviantArt as starvingartist

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TempPad GBC
2024-07-24 1:38PM

Hello TVA Agent. Play Game Boy Color games and open a Timedoor to any timeline using your new standardissue TemPad. RetroFuturistic Design: Enjoy a retrofuturistic orange screen with a scanline filter. Landscape mode for modern iPhones with FaceID only. T...

Atomic Advance
2024-07-01 3:16AM

As a longtime fan of Nintendo's seethrough hardware, I would like to share a series of new translucent skins for the Game Boy Advance. Choose from 5 fun colors: AtomicPurple FireRed LeafGreen WaveBlue SmokeGray Features: Portrait and Landscape m...

2024-05-30 10:55PM

I wanted to share my latest project: a fun and colorful skin for the Nintendo64! Itrsquos designed to highlight the main joystick and essential B and A buttons, while also including smaller secondary controls for games that need them. Highlights: A compact...

PlayLite GBC
2024-05-20 7:45PM

Play your monochromatic Game Boy games in a new way! I wanted to experiment with some overlay filters for the screen, trying out different looks and backlighting for classic devices on an Analoguestyle device. LCD overlay styles: Dark Game Boy Medium Game...

Atomic NDS1.2
2024-05-13 2:40AM

A translucent purple NDS skin for Delta! I wanted a design that reminded me of classic Nintendo handhelds with seethrough plastic like the Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance that revealed all the internal hardware. I've incorporated an iPhone teardown ph...

Nightfall GBA
2024-05-07 6:56PM

A darkthemed GBA skin for the Delta emulator for iOS. Includes standard and edgetoedge sizes in portrait orientation. ...