This is a different kind of skin for the NINTENDO DS (NDS) - dedicated to Pinball games as I love this type of game, it has a portrait mode with FastFoward, QuickLoad, QuickSave and a landscape mode with FastFoward and QuickSave and QuickLoad, all seems to work well.

  • Compatibility Edge to Edge Display, iPhone X and above so anything higher should be fine.
  • Not compatible with iPhone SE Gen 1-3.
  • Tried to keep the screen big in landscape as much as I could but with pinball games the screens have to go on top of each other.

  • BIG FLIPPER BUTTONS and TILT BUMPER BUTTONS for the games that support this, some games also use the D-PAD for shooting the ball or TILTING.
  • Most games work with the flipper buttons unless stated and these can sometimes be changed in game 'options' but some are locked to L and R bumpers (check list below)
  • I have TESTED it extensively with most Pinball games for the NINTENDO DS!

PLEASE NOTE: DSiware games don't work on the official DELTA but will work on the BETA with a workaround.


DS: Metroid Prime Pinball
DS: Pinball Deluxe
DS: Dream Pinball 3D
DS: Flipper Critters

DSiware (these do not work with DELTA yet)
DSiware: 101 Pinball World
DSiware: Crazy Pinball
DSiware: Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon

Default Controls (FLIPPER BUTTONS)
Default Controls (FLIPPER BUTTONS)
Default Controls (FLIPPER BUTTONS)
L & R for the flippers (CAN'T BE CHANGED!!)

L & R for the flippers (CAN'T BE CHANGED!!)
L & R for the flippers (CAN'T BE CHANGED!!)
Default Controls (FLIPPER BUTTONS)


Any bugs or anything please leave a comment and remember stay safe and save that state!


If you like what I have made and it gives you a little bit of joy please feel free to buy me a coffee it would be much appreciated 🙏❤️



v1.0 - First Release


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