Clear Candy Shell DS Themes




Χ‚β•°β”ˆβž€ π˜›π˜Œπ˜™π˜”π˜š & π˜Šπ˜–π˜•π˜‹π˜π˜›π˜π˜–π˜•π˜š

↳ Any designs are for personal use only.
↳ Credit is required for reposts and sharing but you are welcome to share & post!
↳ Reselling and redistributing is against my terms & conditions.

Χ‚β•°β”ˆβž€ π˜žπ˜π˜ˆπ˜› 𝘐𝘚 π˜›π˜π˜π˜š?
this is a set candy shell-themed skins for delta, in a boatload of colours including: cherry red, sakura pink, atomic purple, cobalt blue, moss green, seafoam aqua, sunset orange, canary yellow, and snow white (which is slightly off-white due to the underlying PCB image). please note that this is for the DS emulator only at the moment and won't work for other emulators like the N64 or GBA and so on!

Χ‚β•°β”ˆβž€ π˜π˜•π˜šπ˜›π˜ˆπ˜“π˜“π˜ˆπ˜›π˜π˜–π˜•
↳To use, download the appropriate skin file for your emulated system of choice. This file will be a .deltaskin file, which you then upload to your app.
↳Click on the settings wheel in the top left, then under “Controller Skins” select the system that matches the skin.
↳Then, just tap on the Portrait image and upload the file. You can also change the landscape version if you use it. I hope you enjoy!

 Χ‚β•°β”ˆβž€ π˜π˜π˜•π˜‹ π˜”π˜Œ π˜Œπ˜“π˜šπ˜Œπ˜žπ˜π˜Œπ˜™π˜Œ
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