Ergo Metal - DS1.3




Now Supports Standard 16:9 Older Screens

Now retrofitted to support older standard 16:9 screen iPhones such as iPhone SE 1-3. Tested with iPhone 8 Plus.

Metal Color Variants

Now available in 10 different color variants, with the original color improved and renamed as "Classic".

Ergo Metal Series

A Nintendo DS skin series with 3D skeuomorphic style skin, featuring dark metal aesthetic reminiscent of 2000-2010 PC game interface designs.


  • 10 different color variants to choose from
  • Featuring dedicated quick save/load states buttons
  • Featuring dedicated fast forward & fast forward lock buttons
  • Compatible with all modern edge-to-edge screen iPhones and older 'standard' 16:9 iPhones, in both portrait and landscape versions (tested with iPhone 14 Pro Max and 8 Plus).
  • Also available in older Notch style iPhones, with dedicated Notch versions

All skins in the Ergo Series


1.3 Release:

  • Added support for older standard 16:9 screen iPhones
  • Fixed a couple of inconsistent visual issues

1.2 Release:

  • Added metal color variants
  • Fixed a couple of inconsistent visual issues
  • Assigned original dark metal color naming to "Classic"
  • Streamlined Ergo Logo & Branding

1.1 Release:

  • Added Landscape mode
  • Added Notch Edition portrait & landscape alternate layout
  • Revised minor visual inconsistencies (portrait)
  • Swapped Start and Select location to proper placement (portrait)
  • Swapped Load / Save state location to reduce accidental load press (portrait)

1.0 Release:

  • Initial Release


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