Solo Template - NES Edition1.1




Dark Mode Alternative & More Accessible PDF

Now available in dark mode for both dark design reference and also for those who likes using the template skin and prefers a darker theme. The PDF inside the deltaskin file is now friendlier for reference and retains Adobe Illustrator's layers for easy reference.

Solo Skin Series

This skin series is a personal project aimed at testing several aspects for my own curiosity, primarily focusing on multi-platform design workflow and multi-layout compatibility while maintaining consistent visuals across platforms. The plastic series provides an opportunity to experiment with a glow effect that I've envisioned for a few months, inspired by other impressive skin designs featuring this effect. Additionally, it serves as a workflow test to see if I can create a set of classic-style button layout templates, enabling quick development of future visual series with different looks while retaining a consistent layout.

Template Series

A simplified template version of the Solo skin layout, intended for skin remixes or visual reskins. This version is designed to help those having trouble with JSON files by allowing them to re-use the settings as a base layout with only minor editing.


  • Quick save and quick load buttons located in the top corner screen areas, and a fast-forward speed toggle in the bottom center screen area.
  • Compatible with all modern edge-to-edge screen iPhones and older 'standard' 16:9 iPhones, in both portrait and landscape versions (tested with iPhone 14 Pro Max and 8 Plus).
  • Available on four different platforms: GBA, GBC, NES, and SNES.

All skins in the Solo Series


1.1: Added Dark Mode version and better PDF editability

1.0.1: Cleaned up JSON file for better screen compatibility with older games

1.0: Initial Release


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