Fullscreen Landscape (FSLS)2.5




FSLS features a "fullscreen" experience for the DS emulator on Delta. It utilizies the biggest possible screen size while keeping the screen ratio correct.
The top game screen is a bit bigger, and the bottom screen is tucked to the right side of the skin so you can see your main screen more clearly than the default skins.


  • Biggest possible top screen size 
  • "Reversed" version that flips the bottom screen to be the main, bigger screen
  • FastForward, QuickLoad and QuickSave buttons
  • Minimal transparent design
  • Support for all iPhones
  • Notch and Dynamic Island friendly (Play on landscape with the notch on your left side)

*This skin is landscape only. No portrait version is planned as it's not really possible to achieve a much bigger screen than the default ones.


FSLS 2.5

  • Changed the Menu, SELECT and START icons

  • Added QuickLoad

  • Slightly adjusted XYAB to be more aligned with the D-PAD

  • Slightly increased L/D-PAD outline opacity in the standard devices skin version

  • Moved the SELECT/START buttons to the right side on the notched devices

  • The notch no longer cuts SELECT/START on iPhone 12 mini

FSLS 2.4

  • Added support for non-edge to edge devices! (iPhone SE, 7, 8 and below)
  • Slightly increased the size of the screen, the notch/dynamic island no longer hides a part of the game screen.
  • Slightly increased the D-PAD and L button outline to show better under bright areas.
  • Moved the MENU, SELECT and START buttons to the top left of the screen.

2.3 - "Reversed" version added, simply flips the bottom screen to be the main bigger screen and the top screen to be the smaller one on the left. 2.3 is specifically for the reversed version, 2.2 is the same.

2.2 - Official release version, fixed the layout mapping and slightly adjusted the D-PAD size. (Older 1.x versions are not available as they were designed 2 years ago and greatly inferior to 2.x)


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