MARIO KART: SUPER CIRCUIT SKIN has a 'console' looking portrait mode with FastFoward, QuickLoad, QuickSave and a 'console' looking landscape mode with FastFoward and QuickSave and QuickLoad, all seems to work well.

  • Compatibility Edge to Edge Display, iPhone X and above so anything higher should be fine.
  • Not compatible with iPhone SE Gen 1-3.
  • Tried to keep the screen BIG in landscape as much as I could.
  • ACCELERATE is the A with all other buttons B (brake) R (jump) and L (use) around it for ease of use.
  • THUMBSTICK instead of a D-PAD works well for this game!
  • The DRIFTING for left and right is with R button.
  • There is also a horn :)
  • PLEASE NOTE there is a L+R button this is for unlocking Super Mario Kart tracks.
    All 20 tracks from Super Mario Kart are hidden in MK: Super Circuit. To unlock them, you'll need to have the Special Cup unlocked first. Then, after you get the gold trophy in the Special Cup, play each cup again. Finish with 100 Coins or more to unlock four SMK tracks. After you've unlocked some tracks, press L or R on the "Choose a Cup" screen to switch between the MKSC tracks and SMK ("extra") tracks. You can only unlock four extra tracks per cup, and you'll have to do this separately for each engine class -- 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc.

Any bugs or anything please leave a comment and remember stay safe and save that state!


If you like what I have made and it gives you a little bit of joy please feel free to buy me a coffee it would be much appreciated 🙏❤️



v1.0 - First Release


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