My third skin GBC has a 'console' looking portrait mode with FastFoward, QuickLoad, QuickSave and a 'console' looking landscape mode with FastFoward and QuickSave and QuickLoad, all seems to work well.

  • Compatibility Edge to Edge Display, iPhone X and above so anything higher should be fine.
  • Not compatible with iPhone SE Gen 1-3.
  • Tried to keep the screen BIG in landscape as much as I could.
  • Screen in landscape mode isn't as high as it should be but it dosn't look any worse for it.
  • Available in normal and a classic green screen.
    (You can set each game to use a certain skin I have all my Gameboy games set to use the green screen version so it's old skool!)

Any bugs or anything please leave a comment and remember stay safe and save that state!


If you like what I have made and it gives you a little bit of joy please feel free to buy me a coffee it would be much appreciated 🙏❤️



v1.5 - Removed the Delta logo from portrait modes

v1.4 - Added QuickLoad and QuickSave buttons to portrait mode

v1.3 - Added an optional retro green screen version as well, so it's more authentic :)

v1.2 - Moved FF >> and menu buttons and made them smaller in portrait mode

v1.1 - Moved start and select buttons to the sides of the screen in landscape mode

v1.0 - First Release


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