ALL NEW NINTENDO DS Delta Skin. Available in both Filtered and Non-Filtered styles. 

NOTE: THE DUAL TOUCH LANDSCAPE SKIN (Please Leave Me Your Feedback on My Reddit Post Here)

  • The DUAL TOUCH LANDSCAPE skin is an experimental idea that just popped up during the design process.

  • It has dual touch screens on each side of the main display.

  • The touch screens aren't proper size. So they appear slightly squished from the sides.

  • It probably doesn't make sense for all games, but figured I'd put it out and get peoples feedback on if they like it or not and for which games it works great with. So please let me know.

Skin Design Details:

  1. Supports Edge-to-Edge iPhones only.

  2. Available in both Portrait and Landscape.

  3. Available in ARCTIC DS, and ARCTIC dsXL editions.

  4. The dsXL has a slightly larger screen in Portrait mode that overlaps the left and right edges.

  5. Both ARCTIC DS and ARTIC dsXL use the same Landscape Skin by default.
  6. Available in both Filtered and Non-Filtered Screens (there is a Filter On/Off Label above the screen for reference).

  7. In addition to the Toggle Fast Forward button, there is a hidden "Fast Foward" button on the Non-touch display that allows for you to fast forward as long as you hold it.

  8. There are also invisible combination buttons (A+B, A+X, X+Y, Y+B) located around the ABXY Cluster.

  9. For clarity the following are the naming conventions used in the file name.

    • [D] = D-PAD

    • [F] = FILTERED



Please leave me your feedback on these skins, especially the DUAL TOUCH. Would love to hear everyone's opinions and experiences.

If this design gets a good response, then I will be releasing more color variations in the future.


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